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Art, this simple three-letter word has a tremendous extent of meaning in its substance. Everything you see created by man and influences your inner self even for a few seconds may be considered art. From sound to color, from brick to stone, from words to whispers, any creation that shakes your emotions may be viewed as art.

Since the most far prehistoric times, man tried to contour nature’s esthetics in different shapes and forms, to represent his simple understanding of his surroundings. As time passed his understanding of nature has evolved, thus there is a vivid progression of art.

Human creation can be sensed in ancient times from the Greek masterpieces to the highly utilitarian roman art in a rhythmic crescendo with a new touch of the Renaissance and step by step development into the artistic creations of our era.

Isn’t it remarkable how humanity managed to express its need for beauty? Visiting a museum, art gallery or simply viewing an architectural masterpiece or hearing the ambiguity of sounds organized in a melody by a composer may resurrect feeling long-time forgotten.

Art survives time; no creation with substance is due to perish in forgetfulness. What would our existence mean without some of the World’s greatest names like Leonardo Da Vinci, or the extremely emotional and intimate creations of J.S. Bach, or the joyful and complex compositions of Mozart? We refine ourselves within their artistic creations, we rediscover emotions even if it means for a mere split second. This is the substance of art, to influence our emotional state, to challenge reason, to redefine one’s feelings.

From time to time, somehow in a precise interval of time, we find the need to distract ourselves from the reality of daily life, to visually seek beauty in the worlds of the artists. And for this need, perfectly correlated to our psychological well being, museums are being cleaned of dust, art galleries are kept alive, and architectural creations are being restored.

All palpable human creations would not have been possible without the continuous research on spiritual life. Philosophy and Religion may occupy the highest places within the humanitarian studies. It is through the calm meditations of philosophers that we were able to build our world and religion is omnipresent in every actions undertook by humans.

How could we forget about the Performing Arts? The theatre was and still is a very important part of our cultural life, from the dramas of Aeschylus, to modern age comedy and contemporary plays they still have a massive impact on our emotions.

Without history we would be as empty as a waterless glass. History answers one extremely important question: who are we? And philosophy has brought us the legal system and moral values.

Humanity itself appears within the arts and the human studies are important from the Renaissance to our day and tomorrow. 


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