Museums quite literally preserve our identity. They hold and restore small fragments of our past constantly reminding us of who we are and what we have done. Exhibitions do not intend to place in front of our eyes simple objects with absolutely no importance or intrinsic value, their purpose is to present the past and to make us see behind the objects and imagine the way of life of our forefathers. The work of archaeologists is arranged in the corridors and rooms of a museum, and they do not search for apparently meaningless small objects for their own curiosity or self-fulfillment, but they piece together the history from ancient times to yesterday for a better understanding of our world. As Sir Mortimer Wheeler once said “the archaeologist is not digging objects, he is digging people”. A visit at your local museum might answer some questions regarding your past. These buildings loaded with priceless materials are basically our ID cards.

Artists constantly feel the need to show their work. What would their efforts mean if nobody could appreciate their creations? Art galleries do not limit themselves, as one may think, to paintings or photos, but what visual art has to offer. It is remarkable how some manage to transform mere blocks of stone into a fine example of art.

At an art gallery the artists shares his sometimes personal creations with the public. You may be astonished by what you see thus accomplishing the artist’s purpose to impress you with his artistic forgings. The profound atmosphere established by the colors and luminosity carefully selected by their artists may implement a unique sense or reality. When visiting a gallery of modern paintings, the author tries to design not only his work in a proper display but every adjacent aspect important for a successful gallery, such as lights and environmental needs, all mixed in one room calling the ideal atmosphere.

You may ask yourself, why should I visit a museum or an art gallery? Simply out of curiosity, or to discover the meanings of other’s emotions, to be amazed by the beauty created by an artists, or in case of museums, to see who you are and how human life evolved to our lifetime.