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Businesses rely upon a strong economy to survive, and the economy relies upon strong businesses to survive.

In is this complex relationship that many people find so fascinating, leading them to a career in related fields.

A strong economy is essential to maintain growth and stability in any country, and keeps local currency competitive to that of other nations. A strong economy is the ability of a country to generate income with which to promote growth.

Businesses facilitate this by producing goods and services that citizens wish to consume. These goods and services are not limited to citizens of the country they originated in, and there are many examples of both goods and services which have a world wide demand.

Microsoft are one of the most famous global businesses. Originally founded in the United States, they now have offices all over the world, and its products and services are consumed by billions of people every year.

This kind of global need is the basis of most strong economies. Purchases made by foreign individuals or companies not only increase business profitability, but provide governments with additional income through taxation. 


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