Investment is the process of providing financial support to an individual, company or process with the expectation of receiving the initial capital back, as well as a profit.

Profits can be returned on a regular basis, or as a single sum.

People also invest their time with similar expectations, hoping that hard work today will reap reward in the future. An example of this is a person starting their own small business, dedicating many hours a day to the process, with the hope of future success.

One of the fastest growing investment industries is real estate, where the investor purchases a property with the intention of leasing or holding the property to provide an income.

This boom has caused market prices to soar, with many predicting a sharp downfall in the sector in the near future.

Investments tend to be classified into two main categories, low risk and high risk.

Low risk plans usually incorporate real estate, bonds and high value stocks from leading companies.

High risk investments are associated with start up companies and hedge funds. 

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