Technology provides us with many things that we now take for granted. Just over a century ago it was thought that disease could not be transmitted by water, and that pungent smells caused the most harm to humans.

Fast forward to the 21st century and technology has opened up the very building blocks of life, with the human genome mapping project being completed in 2003. Technology has also brought us consumer innovations such as satellite and cable television. Elsewhere amazing medical advances now mean complex surgical procedures are carried out on a regular basis, with patients well enough to return home after a matter of days.

Consumer products will always be the driving force in technology. Where there are potential markets for high tech goods, profits can be made therefore research can be funded. Technology is currently driving the economies of every western country, creating new jobs and keeping unemployment low. Certain industries however have felt a negative impact from technology, with machines able to work 24 hours a day and at a greater efficiency than their human counterparts.

Unless major advances in artificial intelligence are made in the next few decades humans need not worry. There seems to be no way in which to create a machine that is capable of the huge number of complex operations that occur within the human brain - meaning we are safe, at least for now. 

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