Cooking is probably the most under appreciated skill in the modern world.

There are only a few things which unite the entire globe and the need to eat is one such thing. Luckily cooking has started to come under heavy media attention with celebrity chefs such as Emeril Lagasse and Gordon Ramsay spearheading a culinary revolution.

Eating quality food should not be a luxury reserved for special occasions, but an important part of your daily life. Mass production and improved trade means that foodstuffs and ingredients are now cheaper than they have ever been.

Cooking is accessible to nearly everyone and offers quick results. You do not need to consult an expert to see if you are succeeding, simply have your friends and family try your dishes.

While it was once socially taboo for men to be seen being passionate about food, social barriers have now been removed allowing men folk everywhere to don their aprons.

The benefits of cooking are enormous. Involving your children in the process ensures they develop a responsible attitude about food. Using fresh ingredients reduces the number of processed fats you consume, letting you know exactly what you are eating.

You have a responsibility to nature your own body, and what better way than with fresh, quality and tasty food. 

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