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It is said that moving home is one most stressful things that you can do.

Thousands of hours preparing documents, requesting quotes, packing and finding a new home are just some of the tasks you must endure during this difficult time. It does pay to be organized. Always have a clear and concise plan of action starting with the paperwork. Take special care over every document that you complete, as small mistakes can damage your finances and motivation.

If you are moving or relocating to a place you are unfamiliar with then do your homework. The very minimum research you should conduct is consulting with the local Police precinct to evaluate crime in the area and asking a local real estate dealer about house price trends.

If you have children then check the educational system to ensure it is adequate, and make sure there are plenty of facilities catering for children in the nearby area.

You should also check that you will be able to receive a suitable internet and television service and this is something many people take for granted and overlook.

Don't be afraid to constantly ask questions. You are financing many people when you move home and it is worth remembering you are the boss. 

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