With over 39% of all US households owning at least one dog and nearly 40 million households owning a cat its hard to ignore that pets are very popular indeed.

The reasons for owning a pet vary widely, some have them for security or companionship while others enjoy them as status symbols.

Owning a pet can be a very rewarding experience with many owners classing their pets as an important part of the family. Dogs are still the most popular pets in the west, followed by cats, but there will always be a community who prefer to buck the trend.

It is not uncommon for people to own rats, snakes, spiders, birds of prey and even big cats such as lions. Several high profile prosecutions have been showcased in the media, with collectors keeping endangered species as household pets.

Pet ownership can sometimes be expensive with veterinary and medical costs, but as every pet owner in the world will tell you it's worth every cent. 

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