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News and Media mean very different things, yet we have come to interchange the two words in modern society.

News is information of any kind, while media is the method in which the information is stored or displayed. A story in a magazine is news, while the magazine itself is the media.

When discussing current affairs an often used phrase is 'in the media' meaning that the information is currently discussed on the internet, on television, the radio or in a newspaper. The term multimedia is often used to describe the latest methods of storing and displaying information. An example of this is a modern CD-Rom which can contain web pages, images, animations, documents and even video and sound all of these elements are then brought together to create a high tech end user experience thus combining many media types.

Society itself evolves around news and media. We all have a need to consume information, and while this need exists there will be a demand for means with which to display it. 


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