Technology is currently driving the economies of every western country, creating new jobs and keeping unemployment low, but the greatest impact has been on how we shape our very thoughts and opinions.

Advances in satellite technologies and those of optics, audio and mobile computing have changed the way in which we are informed of the events happening around us. Journalists now have access to high powered lenses, microphones which can pick up human conversation at huge distances and mobile computers connected via satellite. Armed with these tools news worthy stories can be quickly discovered, documented and served to the general public. The result is that the average person is now aware of not only the events in their surrounding environment, but of events from any given location in the world.

While journalists can report the news from any location, equally the reader can also access the news from anywhere. Using rapidly advancing mobile technologies aimed at the consumer, even cell phones now provide instant access to the latest news, as well as archived events.

With a wider knowledge of different cultures and international affairs social barriers are falling, and will hopefully provide a means to greater global stability.