The weather cycle is a key part of life on earth.

Weather patterns have guided the evolution of species for thousands of years, and humans have come to rely on the ability to predict these patterns.

During the 20th century weather patterns started to undergo drastic changes. The majority of experts believe that human activity, especially the carbon produced from industry and automobiles are the main cause.

Other experts deny that this is indeed the case, and believe the shift is caused by the Earths own natural cycle. Whatever the cause of the changing weather, the impact has been enormous.

While increased flooding plagues one part of the globe, extreme drought affects millions of people every year. While this debate rages on the only certain thing is that the future of our weather system is anything but certain.

Nearly every news channel and newspaper feature a weather forecast, which reports the weather predictions for the week ahead. We have come to rely on these forecasts as part of our daily lives, yet even with advanced forecasting technologies there are no guarantees.