4 Solutions For Dead Battery

You’ve probably heard of “addicted battery,” right? After a while of use, when the battery starts to last less, we are used to saying that it is addictive and there is no way around it anymore. But the truth is that for some time now, batteries have been made of Lithium, a material that doesn’t get “addicted” like the old ones. Even so, the battery comes with a certain number of cycles to do so that it can decrease its performance after a specific time.

1 – The Problem Could Be The Charger

First, it is essential to check that the problem is not in the charger. If the one used is not original, it could be one of the causes of poor battery life. To ensure the problem is not in it, use other cables, preferably original ones, and see if the battery lasts longer throughout the day.

2 – Charge Connector Replacement

Another essential part to note is the cell phone charging connector. Usually, it is only possible to know if the problem is him or the battery by consulting a specialized service. But a problem connector can also cause “bad charging” and lead to a less durable load.

3 – Always Charge The Battery To 100%

The idea is to let the battery charge with the cell phone turned off. This way, you avoid overcharging the battery and the device when charging. In addition, it is best to let it complete its charge every time it is connected to the charger. In this way, it completes the cycle and ensures greater durability.

4 – Test The Battery

To make sure your battery is holding a charge, follow the instructions in item 3. Then turn off the cell phone for 1 minute and turn it on again to ensure the battery stays at 100%. If it has lost a percentage of its charge during the process, repeat it until the cell phone has the battery calibrated. If, after a few attempts, you realize that it does not hold a maximum charge, the ideal is to replace the battery because that one is already damaged.  You can learn about how to turn off iPhone 12 Pro Max here.

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