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A New Wave Of Demand For The White Alcoholic Drinks Shows A New Trend

Market trends keep changing and that is really not unusual. But rarely has there been such a wide ranging shift of demand seen in recent past. In the last few years more and more consumers have shown a marked interest in white alcoholic spirits like vodka and gin as compared with regular choice of drinks. If you look up www.brandbuffet.in.th/2021/11/tangueray-gin-vs-vodka/ it clearly indicates this new choice of drinks and its growing popularity among the younger crowds of drinkers. 

Newer Trends Of Food And Beverages Combined

Taking the cue from customers more and more commercial establishments like restaurants and pubs are upping their game as well. Master Chefs are recreating menus with food items that are adequately complementing the new trends of drinking habits. For instance vodka and gin is seeing a surge in consumption. These are consumed both in the form of popular cocktails as well as neat. This is naturally seeing a demand for food platters and items that go well with these drinks. Chefs are delving deeper to recreate ideas of food that will go well with vodka and gin giving that extra reason of delight for connoisseurs.

What Are The Favourite Food Options Available

If you think of vodka and gin specifically these are usually served with a lot of ice and occasionally with lime juice or a wedge of lime. There is however a wide range of delicious cocktails to choose from as well. A wide variety of cheese platters go down very well along with a choice of seafood as well. Smoked salmon, prawns are very popular among others. There are salads of different types that go well with vodka. Gin goes very well with a wide range of curries and Japanese or Thai food as well; there are also servings of various nuts and berries commonly used as accompaniments for gin.


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