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Automotive Advertising Agencies Should Attend this years NADA Convention to pay attention and discover

Automotive advertising agencies happen to be forced to defend myself against additional responsibilities in the current troubled economy. Because the President of national network of independent affiliated automotive advertising agencies and also the host of the auto industry social media resource portal I lately promoted this years NADA Convention on my small blog talk radio show like a real life venue like the online sources which i depend onto listen and discover and lead to in order to presume to educate.

I think about the NADA convention like a must attend event for automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers, auto industry vendors and decision makers that frequently stay tuned to pay attention and gain knowledge from the auto skillfully developed regularly featured on various online sources. The NADA Convention may be the real life form of online social media communities centered on discussing guidelines for that auto industry along with a perfect platform to create new buddies and fasten with original copies both in the actual and also the virtual world.

The NADA Convention is a way to stand above your competition by researching the brand new Internet technologies and applications being created by the vendors and loudspeakers that’ll be featured in the convention. This Years NADA Convention has been locked in Orlando, Florida this Feb twelfth. through Feb 15th., 2010 in the Orlando Convention Center. More information around the convention can be obtained in their site — NADA.Org — as well as their online pre-registration savings of $50 -$75 continues to be extended to The month of january 27th., 2010. I strongly advise anybody trying to survive in the current consolidating auto industry to join up prior to the deadline to benefit from the discount using the confidence that the investment of your energy and cash will give you a R.O.I. that can not be duplicated by online auto industry-centric venue including my very own.

My affiliated agencies are connected with a proprietary online communication/distribution system I coded in December of 2001. I designed the operating-system that links this national network of independent companies as a way to leverage the sources from the participating automotive advertising agencies, production partners and choose vendors to enable them to contend with national automotive advertising agencies. The resulting savings in fixed and semi-variable expenses along with use of a multitude of production and inventive sources for that member agencies is made possible through their utilization of several online technologies which were designed to offer the growing Internet.

I reference this history as evidence which i have practiced things i now preach. The technologies must be relevant to the interior processes of car dealerships to enable them to survive inside a consolidating auto industry. The mixture from the resulting efficiencies recognized in technology enhanced selling systems in physical car dealerships integrated using their online showrooms, and also the recently developing applications being used by automotive advertising agencies to advertise their auto dealer clients on the web, is paramount to profitability today and survival tomorrow.


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