Home Education Crack Task 2: Know some pro Techniques for the IELTS writing part

Crack Task 2: Know some pro Techniques for the IELTS writing part

Are you preparing for IELTS? Then you must know to check your language ability; there will be one general writing test. Here, you will find two parts. Task 1 asks you to write a report; task 2 dictates students write an essay on the given topics. Students often come up with a common question, “Which part is difficult to ace?” Indeed, both of these tasks will be hard for you if you do not know the tips. Otherwise, essay writing is slightly tough as you have to be more specific here. In order to facilitate a good passing score for you, here we are presenting some definite Techniques for the IELTS writing part [เทคนิคสำหรับข้อเขียน IELTS, which is a term in Thai].

Ace the essay writing

Indeed, many students find task 2 challenging for them. They have given some definite topics. Based on this, you have to present the answer. It is not your high school essay, so you have to be structured and to the point. In IELTS, different types of essays can be asked, like argumentative essays, opinion essays, mixed essays, solution essays, etc. So, you need to gather enough knowledge about them. Besides, follow the specific structure to present the essay excellently.

Structure your essay 

In order to present a concise and to-the-point view about the topics, divide the essay into the following structure: Introduction, Body, Conclusion. In the introduction paragraph, you have to grab the attention of the reader. Students mostly do mistakes in this place. They present unwanted statements that break the interest. Keep the introduction short. Then start with the body paragraphs. Remember this is the central essence of your essay. You need to break down the views systematically. For this, you have to polish it with practice. The transition from one para to another must be seamless. Lastly, a solid conclusion clearly states the key points of the paragraphs. Summaries very important things within short sentences to conclude an entire idea.


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