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The Height Flower Shop has was established in 1953 by the Nobles family and has been in operation till date as a family-owned Flower Shop in Houston Texas. They have collected a wide array of colorful decorations and gifts no matter what your Occasion is and have the best Florist to serve you and bring the best out of the special event even when you don’t have any idea on what flower arrangement suits your event they will advise you on the best, believe me, that you will get nothing but the best at the right price. You can walk into any of the height Flower shops Houston or you can order for deliveries via email, via phone call, or through their official website. They have beautiful custom-made floral arrangements with fresh flowers shipped from around the world with both traditional and contemporary designs and exotic arrangements that are right for any occasion of your choice. Haven has been in the floral business sun 1953 they have gathered a great wealth of knowledge and experience in the business which in turn reflects on the quality of service they provide because they know exactly what you want and will even go the extra mile to give you more for your money. Making payments have become hustle-free as they can take credit cards directly over the phone, or you can visit their website to place your order directly for best roses for Houston. Their packages provide events flowers like a new baby flower,  Anniversary Flowers, just because, Love & Romance Flowers, Passover, thank you, Sympathy and Funeral Flowers, Get Well Flowers, new year, seasonal flower displays Houston, Birthday Flowers, and Just Because of Flowers.

New Year’s Flowers

We are in a new year and there are lots of beautiful floral arrangements for your loved ones, you can put a smile on their faces by selecting from the list of flowers we have carefully put up;

Teleflora’s Toast of the Town – $59.99

Teleflora’s White Lace Centerpiece – $49.99

Tulips And Pine – $39.99

Written in the Stars by Teleflora – $44.99

Teleflora’s Winter Glow – $37.95

Beautiful in Blue – $44.99

Blue Horizons – $44.99

Teleflora’s Recipe for Romance – $49.99

Teleflora’s Sapphire Skies Bouquet – $39.99

Teleflora’s Dream with Me – $74.99

Teleflora’s Garden Of Dreams Bouquet – $54.99

Tempt Me, Tulips Bouquet, by Teleflora – $44.99

Teleflora’s Seaside Centerpiece – $89.99

Teleflora’s Park Avenue Centerpiece – $99.99

Happy Hydrangea – Pink – $59.99

Silver Elegance Centerpiece – $64.99

Happy Hydrangea – Blue – $59.99

White Poinsettia – $39.99

Teleflora’s Angel Centerpiece – $32.95

Victorian Romance – $69.99

Deal of the Day – $35.00

Money Tree – $39.99

Let It Snow – $34.99

Isle of White – $44.99

Ocean Devotion – $59.99

Height Birthday Flowers

Height Flower shop provides you with the best of birthday Bash Bouquet, and New Flower Arrangement by The Heights Flower shop;

Birthday Bash Bouquet – $54.99

Teleflora’s Brilliant Birthday Blooms – $37.95

Fly Away Birthday Bouquet – $54.99

Deal of the Day – $35.00

Goodness And Light Bouquet – $39.99

Your Wish Is Granted Birthday Cake Bouquet – $54.99

Teleflora’s Fresh And Fabulous Bouquet – $34.99

Teleflora’s Bedazzling Beauty Bouquet – $44.99

Teleflora’s Pour on the Beauty Bouquet – $44.99

Teleflora’s Lovely Lilac Bouquet – $39.99

Teleflora’s Irresistible Iridescence Bouquet – $54.99

Teleflora’s Winged Whimsy Bouquet – $44.99

Teleflora’s Gorgeous Glimmer Bouquet – $44.99

Teleflora’s Vintage Butterfly Bouquet – $34.99

Teleflora’s Shine In Style Bouquet – $44.99

Teleflora’s Sophisticated Whimsy Bouquet – $34.99

Teleflora’s Iridescent Oasis Garden – $39.99

Teleflora’s Leaves of Glass Plant – $24.99

Teleflora’s Memorable Mosaic Plant – $24.99

Teleflora’s Leaves of Amethyst Plant – $34.99

Teleflora’s Sweet Sunlight Bouquet – $39.99

Teleflora’s Purple Serenity Bouquet – $39.99

Teleflora’s Charmed in Love Bouquet – $69.99

Teleflora’s Charming Heart Bouquet – $79.99

Make a Wish Bouquet – $34.99

Your Special Day Flower Arrangement – $54.99

Pretty Please Bouquet – $34.99

Beautiful in Blue Bouquet – $44.99

Colors Of The Rainbow Bouquet – $94.99

How Sweet It Is Bouquet – $44.95

Teleflora’s Party Starter Bouquet – $44.99

Teleflora’s Be Happy Bouquet with Roses – $34.99

The burst of Autumn Bouquet – $34.99

Sunny Sunflowers Bouquet – $39.99

Teleflora’s Artisanal Appreciation Bouquet – $54.99

Teleflora’s Polka Dots and Posies Bouquet – $44.95

Teleflora’s Love Squared Bouquet – $34.99

Teleflora’s Possibly Pink – $37.95

Punch Of Color Bouquet – $69.99

Hugs and Kisses Bouquet with Red Roses – $44.99

Fiery Lily and Rose Bouquet – $59.99

You’re Golden Bouquet by Teleflora – $59.99

Teleflora’s Stained Glass Orchid – $64.99

Golden Days Basket – $44.99

Teleflora’s Enchanted Cottage – $39.99

Cotton Candy Bouquet – $34.99

Hello Beautiful Bouquet – $59.99

Emerald Garden Basket – $49.99

Zen Artistry – $47.99

Bejeweled Beauty by Teleflora – $49.99

Teleflora’s Citrus Smiles Bouquet – $49.99

Blush Rush Bouquet – $39.99

Teleflora’s Pretty Pastel Bouquet – $34.99

Arrive In Style Bouquet – $49.95

Blush Life Bouquet – $59.99

Love and Laughter Bouquet – $44.99

Garden Parade Bouquet – $49.99

Secret Garden Basket – $59.99

Country Basket Blooms – $49.99

Basket Full of Wishes – $44.99

Teleflora’s Blue Caribbean Bouquet – $34.99

Teleflora’s In Love With Lime Bouquet – $49.99

Forever Green Plant Garden – $49.99

Citrus Kissed Bouquet – $54.99

Lovely Luxe Bouquet – $89.99

Your Sweet Smile by Teleflora – $49.99

Desert Beauty Succulent Garden – $69.99

Stylish Plant Assortment – $69.99

End Of The Rainbow Bouquet – $54.99

Teleflora’s You Make Me Smile Bouquet – $59.99

Teleflora’s Sapphire Skies Bouquet – $39.99

So Enchanting Bouquet – $54.99

Teleflora’s Garden Romance Bouquet – $44.99

Apart from the above-mentioned event categories we also have flowers for Passover, Anniversary, Birthday, Get Well, Just Because, Love and  Romance, Make Someone Smile, New Baby, Sympathy, Thank You, and for Wedding.

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