How To Make Remote Learning Efficient

Before starting to study online for courses like Vocab Courses (คอร์ส vocab which is the term in Thai), the impression we have is that remote learning only has advantages. After all, studying at home saves money and time with transportation. This practice also allows us to set up our study schedules and do everything without getting out of bed or changing clothes.

However, started taking an online course to realize that things are not as simple as we thought. It is challenging to organize the time, and the bed is not comfortable studying all day. Sometimes we end up not taking the online course seriously and even giving up. But what to do to avoid these situations?

  1. Have A Dedicated Space

Yes, studying on your bed seems like a good idea at first, but it takes a lot of willpower not to want to leave the computer aside and take a nap. When you mix your study spaces with environments you rest in, there’s a good chance you’ll want to rest when studying.

On the other hand, if you separate an environment from your home just for studies, your brain will understand that you should concentrate on doing your course, college, or school tasks when you are there. Doing so is a way to take your remote studies as seriously as your face-to-face ones.

  1. Organize Your Study Environment

As important as creating an exclusive space for your studies is to keep this environment always organized. That way, you will always easily find the materials you need to study, be it a pencil, a pen, a notebook, a headset, and the computer itself.

An organized environment is also more comfortable and cozier than a messy one. This encourages you to stay there. After all, no one can stand to spend too much time in an environment where they feel uncomfortable, can they? The nicer the environment, the easier it will be to stay there.

  1. Create Schedules To Dedicate Yourself

One of the advantages of face-to-face teaching is that we have set times to get things done. We have a schedule to study each subject and even a specific day period that we dedicate ourselves to studies. But at home, this doesn’t always happen, and we end up studying all day without paying as much as in class.

A tip to prevent this from happening is establishing specific times for each subject, for example, as happens at school. This prevents you from getting sick of the specific content or giving up studying in one day because you got too tired the day before.

To create a study routine, it is essential to understand the schedules that work best for you. If you feel more focused in the afternoon and prefer (and can) sleep more in the morning, then plan to study at that time. The advantage of remote learning is that you can build your schedule your way.

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