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How To Match A Watch With Your Clothing?

Matching your watch with your clothing is not complicated – when you know the ground rules.

Match the metals – silver to silver, gold to gold. Consider the different metallic elements of your look – the belt buckle, shoes, rings, cufflinks – and match them to your watch.

The watch bracelet is also essential. As with the belt and shoes, the leather watch strap should match the other leathers you use in your set. A brown leather strap should be paired with shoes and a brown leather belt. If you wear a black watch strap, your shoes and belt should also be black.

The same applies to the style of your shoes. More formal shoes should ideally be worn with a formal watch, while a sports watch is always nice to pair it with more casual sneakers or shoes.

Light-colored dials are mostly reserved for day looks, while darker dials like grey, army green, black or brown blend perfectly with your evening wear.

On Which Wrist Should A Man Wear His Watch?

Some sources argue that a man should wear his watch on the wrist of the less dominant hand. If you are right-handed, wear your watch on your left wrist and vice versa. The logic is that your watch will shake less often, thus increasing its lifespan. This also means that you can conveniently check the time using your dominant hand for other activities of more significant importance, such as moving the mouse to read this article.

Traditionally, a watch from should be worn wide enough not to limit your wrist’s movements. The watch case should rest at the ulna level (the bone on the outside of the wrist). Your watch should not extend past the end of your shirt cuff when you are standing comfortably. It should only appear when your arm is bent. Never wear your watch over your shirt cuff. It is prohibited. Search for Rolex Thailand


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