The Ultimate Guide: Industrial Applications of 3D Printing

In the wake of technological advancements, industries and manufacturers are looking for new and improved ways to cut back costs and increase productivity, innovation, and efficiency. One such manufacturing method is 3D printing. Due to its low cost and speedy results, 3D printing has quickly become the go-to production technique for many industries. 

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of industries and fields that are greatly benefited and influenced by this technology.

What is 3D printing?

Developed in the ’80s, 3D printing is part of the manufacturing process. While initially introduced as a tool for rapid prototyping, the technology has evolved and now encompasses a wide array of different techniques and technologies. 

Many companies and industries utilize 3D printing to create visual and functional prototypes and industrial parts. The technique uses different materials and a printer that creates a 3D model of an image or CAD to help better understand a product and its design. 

An extensive option of materials allows you to perfect your products and designs based on your needs. You can opt for cheap materials if you’re only looking to build a prototype and not the actual product. But if you want your design to last you a long time, invest in high-quality materials. When it comes to 3D printing, the possibilities are endless, which is why the technique is prevalent in many industries—some of which we’ve listed below. 



Automotive industry

According to Statista, the global automotive industry is expected to reach $9 trillion in 2030. The dynamic industry needs constant innovation and remodeling to produce bigger and better engines and cars. 

3D printing and prototyping techniques allow the industry to develop products and parts faster than any other process. It’s a quick and cost-effective way to perfect parts without any room for human error.

It allows customization and design flexibility so companies and their clients can have parts and cars designed to fit their style and preferences. Industry giants like Porsche are using the 3D printing technology to bucket seats that allow customizable cushioning for their car seats. 


Healthcare industry

The use of 3D printing in the healthcare industry allows doctors and medical professionals to provide proper healthcare and solutions to their patients. It enables them to save many lives each day with quick prototyping and designing newer and more enhanced products. 

People with physical disabilities can get customized prosthetics that fit them and their needs perfectly. You can quickly straighten your smile in the dentistry field with a pair of clear aligners thanks to 3D printing.

It reduces the room for human error in surgical and testing procedures as medical professionals can replicate organs and perform invasive surgeries before digging their tools into your body. 

The approach has increased procedure speed, improved surgical precision, and minimized invasion, all to give you the best possible healthcare.

The ability to quickly and cheaply create medical tools, instruments, and prosthetics has changed the healthcare game. 


Industrial goods

Industrial goods are the production and manufacturing of heavy machinery, parts, and components that require a lot of precision and highperformance. To keep costs low and operations agile, manufactures and businesses use cost and time-effective methods to produce necessary tools and components.

One of these production methods is 3D printing. Thanks to its quick response and large quantity production, 3D printing has become a staple for industrial goods. It allows manufacturers to create custom parts, tools, and components to fit the needs of their machinery and clients.

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Consumer goods

You might think 3D printing is only limited to specialized industries that cater to specific demographics and needs. But you can’t be further from the truth. Your everyday items such as footwear, makeup, and accessories are all somehow designed and produced using 3D printing technology. 

High-end makeup brands such as Chanel have taken rapid strides in perfecting their art and products. One of their mascara wands is made by the 3D printing technique to allow the wand to grip your lashes and keep your makeup looking great. They’ve also used the technology in their fashion designs and runway shows.

All these industries and big brands are quickly making way for efficient production methods and techniques. As a business owner, you should also hop on board to increase your productivity and gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. 

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