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Tips For Caring For Your Watch The Way It Deserves

That’s right! That item goes far beyond a fashion accessory, as it brings together more and more features and details that make all the difference in the daily lives of those who do not give up on the piece.

1 – Avoid playing contact sports wearing your watch – Most watches are not designed to withstand significant drops and impacts. During the performance of certain sports, especially those in which there is contact between athletes, a firm knock can cause irreversible damage to your watch. The best alternative is to use a specific piece for sports practice.

2 – Battery Care – Remember to change your watch battery as soon as it stops working. The old battery could deteriorate and damage the part. It is advisable to change the battery every two years or as needed for each model.

3 – Use your watch like the Rolex air king often – If you only wear your watch once in a while, it is essential to set the time at least once a month. This will keep the interior parts lubricated, and it will not “stop” working. So that this never happens, the ideal is to use it every day! 😉 Give it a try; you won’t want to leave the house without it!

4 – Have more than one model – With more than one watch, you will be able to, in addition to having more ease to combine it for each occasion, intersperse use. Thus, none of them are overloaded, and their useful life is increased even further. Not to mention that you will always look stylish, as a watch is synonymous with style!

5 – Do professional cleaning – Even if you follow all the above guidelines, it is essential to take the watch to a watch shop for cleaning periodically. It is recommended to do this process every three years. The equipment’s internal cleanliness can significantly influence its durability.


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